Reservation Policy

Reservation Policy:
We are happy to accept pre-bookings from one year to the next however this all depends upon the availability of the property requested, please ask and we will endeavour to assist. We do not accept bookings more than one year in advance unless in exceptional circumstances or events such as weddings, please ask.

Usually a minimum length of stay of 5 nights applies, please ask.
Once the deposit has been paid (usually 50%), we accept either Visa or MasterCard, we will issue a receipt which is your booking confirmation. The balance of the rental will be due upon check in however this may be paid beforehand, if so please kindly ask us. No reservations will be accepted unless a deposit has been received, our receipt issued, and the booking confirmed by us in writing by email.
Please be aware that no more than the number of guests as shown in the brochure may stay in the property, unless agreed in writing by us. This excludes cots & folding beds, please ask us for more information.
No animals or pets of any type are allowed in the property.

All prices given are valid for 30 days from the date of our email quotation for your stay. Once you have paid the deposit the price we quoted is confirmed unless the material facts of your stay change, for example dates, number of guests, number of nights, etc.. If this happens please contact us and we will advise. Prices quoted from one year to the next are indicative only and will only be reconfirmed from January the following year or the year the reservation is due.
Full terms and conditions of occupancy are shown below under Rental Terms & Conditions, guests have to follow these as they are in place to protect them, ourselves and the properties.

Cancellation Policy:
Once you have paid the deposit and if for any reason you need to cancel the booking then please kindly let us know as soon as you can. The following terms will apply:
a) Up to 45 days before Check In: A full refund of the deposit paid less any charges incurred by us.
b) Less than 45 days before Check In: No refund is available, however we may be able to credit the deposit to a new booking for alternative dates in the same year, depending on availability. In all circumstances please contact us and we will endeavour to assist.

If for any reason we may have to cancel your reservation due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances out of our control, we will contact you beforehand and discuss what options are available.

Check In / Out & Key Collection:
In all cases check in is after 14.00 (16.00 in July, August & September), howwever we will endeavour to get You settled as quickly as possible. Check out is at 10.00. If we can accommodate any changes to this, we will advise you. If a later check out is required, please enquire at our reception the day before you are due to leave.

Keys may be obtained 24 hours a day. During office hours please come directly to our reception and check in. We would be grateful if you would kindly let us know your ETA into Faro airport or The Old Village when you make the booking as this helps us prioritise apartment preparation. This is especially important ff you are due to arrive out of office hours so we may be able to advise you the process of key collection and how to get to the property.

Rental Terms & Conditions:

Check In / Check Out
In all cases check in is after 14.00 (16.00 in July, August & September), however we will endeavour to get You settled as quickly as possible. Check out is at 10.00. If We can accommodate any changes to this, We will advise You. If a later check out is required, please enquire at Our reception the day before You are due to leave, there may be a charge for this facility.

Any damages or breakages caused to or in the apartment during Your residency will be compensated by You.

No pets are allowed inside the apartments.

Smoking or illegal substances
No smoking or the possession or use of illegal substances is allowed in the apartment.

All the apartments are equipped with a safe; this item may be rented from Us at reception. We are not responsible for loss of or damage to any items including cash, documents, valuables left in the apartment.

Loss of Keys / Keys Left In The Apartment
If You mislay the apartment keys during Your stay and we have to change the lock, We will charge You €30 for a new set. If this happens when We are closed, then there is also an additional call out fee of €50. If We have to arrange for an emergency locksmith, You will be responsible for all the costs involved.

Housekeeping & Maintenance
The apartment will be provided to You clean and tidy and ready for habitation.
We require You to leave the property in a reasonable state when You check out. Our maid service does not include the cleaning of cooking utensils, plates, crockery, clothes washing / ironing or garbage removal. If necessary, We reserve the right to access the apartment to carry out maintenance or inspection. Maid service is provided mid stay for durations of up to one week. For stays over one week the same frequency applies unless any changes are agreed by Us. Each apartment has been visited and checked before Your check in. The descriptions contained in Our marketing information is correct and presented in good faith. If there is any problem, You are asked to report the issue to Us at Our reception as soon as possible. You are obliged to give Us the time to resolve the problem. Please report to Us any maintenance issues as soon as possible so We may endeavour to resolve them as quickly as possible.

The person whose name the booking is under is responsible for the proper and the decent behaviour of all Your party who will be staying in the apartment. If You or one of Your party does not behave correctly or violates any the terms and conditions of this document or the terms and conditions of the Old Village Rules & Regulations We may take any action We deem necessary to protect Us and the apartment. If any member of Your party has been contacted by the GNR (Police) We must be informed immediately of the details, even if any charges are levied or not. We will take any action We deem necessary to protect Us and the apartment. This may well lead Us to remove You and Your party from the apartment.

No more guests may stay in the apartment than the number originally booked and noted on Our Guest Check In Form. If this policy is breached by You, We are allowed to take whatever steps We deem necessary to protect Us and the apartment. This may result in asking You and all Your guests to vacate the property immediately, there will be no refund of monies paid as You have breached the rental conditions. You may be requested to pay an extra cost for the extra number of guests You have in the apartment. This charge will be no less than the difference in price between Your allocated apartment and the price of the next sized apartment that would accommodate the total number of guests. We will not upgrade Your apartment. We will decide the necessary action to take at the time. No subletting is allowed. No entrance is allowed into the apartment except for You and Your party without gaining Our permission beforehand. No guests of dubious intent may visit or stay in the apartment.

During Your stay You are responsible for keeping the apartment in good order and free from damage. Please respect the items of the owner and do not try to open the owner’s cupboard as these items do not belong to You. Please make sure the air conditioning is switched off when You go out during Your stay. When You go out during Your stay please make sure You close all the doors and windows. When You are due to check out please make sure both of these items are actioned, thank you.

Court of Law
Portuguese law shall apply to any dispute and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Portuguese courts.

We follow the data protection laws in force in the EU.

Old Village Rules & Regulations
Around the village there are boards outlining the dos and don’ts, whilst you are on site. Please kindly read and follow these.


Other things to be mindful of during your stay:

Use of water resources
The Algarve is currently facing a significant water shortage issue due to the lack of persistent heavy rain over the last couple of winters.
In view of this, it’s crucial to be mindful of your water usage. Small actions can make a big difference. Here are a few tips:

  • Limit shower time: Try to keep your showers short and turn off the water while you’re soaping up.
  • Reuse towels: Towel change is every 3 days to help alleviate the water issue.
  • Avoid leaving taps running: Whether you’re brushing your teeth or washing dishes, don’t leave the tap running unnecessarily.
  • Use short flush on the loos: The loos in the properties usually have 2 buttons. One is a short flush, the other a full flush. Please use each as you feel necessary.
  • Report leaks: If you notice any leaking or dripping taps or pipes in your accommodation, please kindly report them to our reception immediately.

By being conscious of your water usage, you can help alleviate the strain on the Algarve’s water resources and contribute to a more sustainable future for this beautiful region. Remember, every drop counts!
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions please feel free to ask our staff.